Bear Witness

Bear Witness was designed to allow individuals to alert people in their area when they are feeling unsafe during law enforcement interactions. As subscribers who receive the alerts, we are given the opportunity to check into a scene as witnesses and help support our neighbors.

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About Us

Bear Witness is an app designed to help support all of our fellow BEARs involved in incidents with law enforcement; by creating a culture of accountability in every community through immediate witness response to alerts sent out by neighbors in your area who feel unsafe in potentially dangerous law enforcement interactions.

We often hear of incidents where people have encountered law enforcement and the situation escalates, becoming unsafe. We want to bring the community together so that when anyone in the BEAR community feels they are in danger with law enforcement they’ll have immediate witness support from all of the BEARS in their area. B.E.A.R stands for Bystanders Exercising American Rights.

The american right to bear witness to law enforcement interactions with the public, especially in situations that appear to be escalating in a fatal direction; will create the culture of accountability we need for all parties involved to help lower the risk of harm being caused to anyone involved in the situation and keep our fellow BEARs safe.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we want to help create a positive impact and change in every community by supporting one another and offering a peace of mind to any one of our fellow BEARs who may feel alone and unsafe in potentially dangerous law enforcement interactions. We want to combine our energy because we believe there is power in numbers. United we can help lower the chances of our fellow BEARs becoming harmed or being treated unfairly by creating an organized presence that stands for safety and peace in our communities.

Bear Witness Features

Stay safe and connected with your community with real time location based notification.
Witness Bear offers you a wide range of features to keep our fellow BEARS safe!

Real-Time Requests

Send out immediate real-time witness request alerts to fellow BEARs near by no matter where you are

Instant Video Record

Record videos of an incident instantly

Secure Cloud Storage

Upload and store videos of incidents to secure cloud in the app

Real-Time Alert Notifications

Receive real-time witness alert notifications from fellow BEARs near by no matter where you are

Location Notifications

Location based notifications help you locate and navigate to the scenes where alerts were sent from

Incident Location Check-in

Check-in at incident location and see how many other fellow BEARs are checked in at the scene

Detailed Incident Description

View description notes of incident to gather detailed information about the situation in progress from other BEARs checked-in at the scene

Interaction Guide

Review Bear Tips for suggestive mental exercises that can be used to keep calm during a tense interaction with law enforcement

Bear Support

The app and website will offer merchandise purchasing ability (identify yourself as a BEAR)

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